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Main Line Hackerspace
Status planned
Country United States of America
State or District Pennsylvania
City Wayne
Date of founding 2011/08/07
Last Updated 2011-08-09
Wiki wiki.thehackshack,info
Phone 760 LOL CAT 1
Twitter MLHackShack
Snail mail

462 Glenmary Lane (GARAGE)
19087 Wayne
United States of America

Number of members <10"" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 10.
Membership fee There is currently no membership fee.
Size of rooms 10x15 ft²
Location 40° 1' 48.62" N, 75° 24' 31.78" W

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I am looking to start a Main Line hacker space! The intention is to learn, dismantle and destroy(solely for educational purposes and access to parts), and rebuild. If there is enough interested, eventually we can hold open events where people can come see what we are working on and maybe jump in and help out, or start a project of their own. In addition participation in technological contests would be a fun, engaging, and motivating factor. Any sort of public service or conservation projects we could help out on would be a great way to help the community and be seen by the community.

So, as of right now the only space I have for this Hacker Space is in my garage. I am hoping we may be able to find a local business or educational facility that can see the possible benefits of a community oriented project such as this. Even if they just lend us space to keep a P.O.D.S. unit for storage and indoor access when available. I am going to talk to some folks I know down at the high school, its possible they can lend us space on the weekends and maybe even turn into a afterschool activity for high school kids (In addition to what other activities would be going on) to help keep participation up.

What I do have is tons of old but potentially useful electronic and computer components. A couple soldering irons and a little hands on experience building IC programmers and custom circuits. I plan to have an arduino kit ready to go for a key less RFID entry system by first meeting, so we at least have something to play with while we toss around some ideas.

I am hoping to hold the first meeting sometime in September, on the Agenda will be: Finding a proper space and getting the word out

Possible Projects: RFID entry system, Homebrew in-dash entertainment solution, MAME arcade machine. The idea here is to choose just about ANYTHING we could feasibly build and program as a team - then do it. Oh and by ANYTHING I mean ANYTHING we can learn and have fun while doing as well as be proud of at the end.