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Lower Bucks Hackerspace
Status planned
Country United States of America

State or District


City Bensalem

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-09-17
Website http://hackerspace.lowerbucks.org



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United States of America

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We're so new, we don't even have an organization yet. I've been talking with a few people about getting something started, and putting up this page is a step in that process.

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Location 40° 8' 15", -74° 56' 7"

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A few geeks in Lower Bucks County, PA have been talking about how we can increase interest in all things technical and scientific. Putting a hackerspace in the area seems to be exactly what we need to kindle the passion.

Some of the projects that have been discussed to get us started include robotics (including Lego Mindstorm), natural language, urban horticulture, RF direction finding, and user groups such as Linux or Drupal. This is a list just to get started. Once an organization is established and funding starts to come in, we can go just about anywhere members want to.

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