Le Loop

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Le Loop
Status closed
Country France
State or District Ile de France
City Paris
Date of founding 2011/01/04
Last Updated 2022-07-01
Website https://leloop.org/
Wiki https://wiki.leloop.org/
meetup wednesday 19h-24h
IRC irc://irc.libera.chat/leloop
Twitter https://twitter.com/Le Loop
E-mail hsowc@leloop.org
Mailinglist https://lists.leloop.org/
Snail mail


Membership fee Free
Members Cbj, Guyzmo, Naar, ToM
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes

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A temporary hackerspace (that used to be) located in a squat in Paris. Temporary, only because we (used to) move regularly from one place to another, following the life of squats. While old squats close and new open, Le Loop only iterates.

Usually well located it used to offer you a place to hack, work, chat, think etc..

Join IRC if you want to come over ! (which is still there)