Lancaster-Berks Makers Get together

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Lancaster-Berks Makers Get together
Lancaster-Berks Makers Get Together
Type of Party
Start Jan 25, 2013 (iCal)
End Jan 25, 2013
Homepage: Lanco-Berks Makers Get Togehter
Venue: Naturally Grounded Coffee Shop
City: Stevens
State: PA
Country: US
Min Cost: 0 USD
Max Cost: 0 USD
Important dates
Workshops due:
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Papers due:
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Connect, learn, teach, inspire

Come one, come all to an informal gathering of an eclectic group of "makers". If that doesn't mean anything to you then come and met a maker, and find out that you probably are already a maker.

During the Mummers parade I contemplated the amount of "making" that goes into that one day!

Is congress letting you feel like a lemming going over the fiscal cliff? Then go find some optimism!

Categories of people that I hope will visit this event:

•fablab personal/members
•3d printer enthusiest
•CNC mill enthusiest
•people interested in robotics
•STEAM - science, technology, arts, math
•community leaders
•strategic thinkers
•Arduino and Raspberry PI users
•significant others of all of the above
•etc.  let me know if I missed you and I will add your "category"!

Naturally Grounded will be hosting this private/by invitation only event. You will be able to order food/drinks off of their menu (on your dime...thought I better clarify).

I would also like to make this a mini Maker Faire (think science fair on steroids). If you have any equipment, projects, art, demo to display please let me know. Please select that type of ticket so that I know what you are planning on displaying.

Please car pool if you can, parking is limited.

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