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Lafayette Tech Labs
Status building
Country United States of America

State or District


City Lafayette

Date of founding


Last Updated 2012-09-15





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337 Columbia St
47901 Lafayette
United States of America

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Membership fee

Meetings are free. There are some fees for projects and as the group acquires tools we may have a membership fee to allow access to those.

Size of rooms

300 ft^2

Location 40° 25' 5", -86° 53' 35"

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This group was recently renamed to Lafayette Tech Labs. It was previously known as Lafayette Makerspace. The people are all the same, only the names have changed to protect the innocent.

Some of the primary goals of Tech Labs are: organize and incorporate decide on rules and regulations design a logo register for federal 501(c)(3) non-profit status find a place to have a workshop acquire tools Some tools that Lafayette Tech Labs may want to acquire: a 3D printer a book scanner books hand tools miscellaneous materials If you are interested in receiving regular updates on Lafayette Tech Labs, sign up for our email newsletter.

Participation in Lafayette Tech Labs is currently open with no fees. At this point we are working on building interest and sharing ideas and knowledge. As the group grows and acquires tools and places to work (read monthly expenses) it may be necessary to start charging fees.

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