Laboratory B

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Laboratory B
Status active
Country USA
State or District Vermont
City Burlington, Vermont
Date of founding 2010/11/27
Last Updated 2024-06-01
Phone None (though it used to be 802-540-2524 (3 for Lab Phone); bug Doug about our old Asterisk server)
Snail mail

12-22 North Street
05401 Burlington, Vermont

Number of members 24
Membership fee $30 / mo for broke hackers, up to $90 a month for wealthy and sophisticated website designers (you know who you are). Cash or plastic!
Size of rooms 500~ Sq Ft.
Open to Exchanges? maybe
Open to Residencies? maybe
Location 44° 28' 28.99" N, 73° 12' 39.72" W

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Laboratory B is a hacker space in Burlington Vt. We are located in a secure bunker in downtown Burlington Vt. Learn more on our About page. We welcome all kinds of folks, into hacking, making, doing fun stuff with technology.


  • Q. Are you still active?
    A. Are you reading this? Yes? Then yes. Come on down!
  • Q. What can you people even do?
    A. What can YOU do, and would you like to become a member?
    If so, then that. Yeah! it's that easy! really!


  • Public hours
    7-9PM every Thursday.
  • Wireless hacking
    There are individuals at this hackerspace that will help you
    crack the soul out of your router, like a spirit from a corpse. ath9k-friendly!
  • Newport Mesh
    We support Newport Mesh, of Newport, VT., with hardware.


Do you need a laptop? Find us. We have something for you. It runs Linux!