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Status active
Country France
State or District Centre
City Orléans
Date of founding 1999/01/04
Last Updated 2023-03-20
IRC irc://
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Snail mail

108 rue de Bourgogne
45000 Orléans

Number of members 100
Membership fee 20€ / year
Size of rooms 210m²
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes
Residencies Contact
Location 47° 54' 2.06" N, 1° 54' 48.52" E

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La Labomedia[edit]

At the crossroads of digital practices, Labomedia association has hinged since 1999 around a medialab / hackerspace fablab dedicated to artistic creation, citizen appropriation of technologies, cultural events and projects development, a Digital Public Space oriented towards pedagogical innovation, a workshop and a FabLab « l’atelier du c01n » and an on-line and « real » Resource Center.

Located in an old chocolate factory called « Le108 » in Orléans / France, Labomedia coexists with thirty cultural associations and a social centre, mixing music, theatre, visual arts, and thus many kind of people, identities and perceptions. Its activities are declined both at a very local and international scale, it follows the philosophy of FLOSS software.

Weekly meetings[edit]

The space is open every thursday from 4pm to midnight. The place is virtually open every day of the week to regular and new members. Newcomers, drop us an email via


  • Electronics (packed with Arduinos & ESP8266s)
  • PC electronics (come repair/upgrade/undust your laptop)
  • Salvaged parts (from hoovers to toys and from laptop keyboards to LEDs)
  • 3D Printing (even resine even if underused)
  • Hardware workbench and parts (column drill, sharpener)
  • Laser cutter
  • videoprojectors and other audio and video devices


We host the tools we use everyday and above that, we try to propose FLOSS tools and services to collectifs and NGO threw the project