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LAB 244
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Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Baltimore

Date of founding


Last Updated 2017-05-02


Snail mail

United States of America

Number of members

Infinite. The space is open to all.
"Infinite. The space is open to all." is not a number.

Membership fee

Currently there is no membership fee, the space is funded by the university.

Size of rooms

N/A .


Open to Exchanges?


Open to Residencies?


Residencies Contact

Location 39° 21' 0", -76° 34' 52"

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Just shoot an email over to to see what time we're open. We are pretty new to the scene so we're not the most organized as of yet. Former research lab for the university turned hangout space with plenty of equipment for hacking and just generally having a good time.

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