Jardin Entropique

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Jardin Entropique
Jardin Entropique
Type of Conference
Start 2015/06/26 (iCal)
End 2015/06/28
Homepage: jardin-entropique.eu.org
City: Rennes
State: Brittany
Country: France
Min Cost: Free (as a beer) !"Free (as a beer) !" is not a number.
Important dates
Submissions due: 2015/05/10
Notification: 2015/05/25

What is it about?[edit]

Jardin Entropique (Entropic Garden) is an event dedicated to discovering, sharing and debating about freedom and the digital world. It gathers academics, researchers, developers, actors and artists interested in these topics. Jardin Entropique is free, open to anyone, and aims at being educational, friendly and festive!


« Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul » (Pantagruel, Rabelais,1532). Simply because we think that technological progress is only meaningful if it is shared by everybody and if everyone is able to keep it under control. Starting from the assessment that Internet and digital tools are too often used to turn us into obedient consumers and not enough to reinforce democracy, we will gather people that want to contribute to the setup of a new deal, in order to discuss and exchange about alternatives.


The Breizh Entropy collective and two associations: 3Hit Combo and the Jardin Moderne.


After a lot of rush, a few arguments, a flawless motivation and a cheerful involvement of all the participants, all of it with a budget roughly equivalent to 0.0007 % of French Tech’s one.

And what’s the result?[edit]

Détailled program available in the page of the event