Italian Hackers Embassy

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Italian Hackers Embassy
Status active
Country Italy
Date of founding 2007/08/01
Last Updated 2019-12-31
Website yet existing
Snail mail


Number of members 2000
Membership fee nothing
Size of rooms 150mq
Open to Residencies? no

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We're a spontaneous community of Italian hackers who since 2007 get together around different hackers events happening mostly abroad (not in Italy), providing an inclusive environment where hackers meet, have fun and do things!

The community has been known internationally for its Italian Grappa and Pasta being delivered at Hackers camp around Europe with hacking, friendliness, food and a bit of party :-)

Btw what Italian Hacker Embassy exactly is? Italian Hackers Embassy (IHE) features a lovely not well defined and not in specific organizational boundary, community self-organization.

Currently (2020) there are several communication channels that evolved over time:

Telegram Groups:

   Italian Hackers Embassy (>500 users, high volume, hint: disable notifications) 
   Italian Hackers Embassy @ CCC (>150 users, high volumes only during the events) 
   Italian Hackers Embassy @ FOSDEM 

Facebook Groups:

   Italian Hackers' Embassy (>2000 users, low traffic) 
   Italian hackers embassy @ FOSDEM (active before and during the event)
   Italian Hacker Embassy @ CCC Congress 

Twitter and FB Page

   Twitter (~2000 followers, usually post an announcement and some pictures during events)
   FB Page (>1000 likes, usually post organizational stuff of the events aggregations)

The administration of various groups and communication channels is done as a collaborative effort with volunteers from various communities coming from diverse spaces, in a very fluid manner.

At the moment, there's no specifically maintained official website; anyway, the website provides links to join various communities to help and contribute, or just to chill and participate (Probably it needs to go hosted on GitHub pages for easier collaboration in updating it).

It has been used from time to time the Hackers Embassy Orga Mailing List as .

But we also have a Slack Channel, under the name of "Italian Grappa", the former name of the Inclusive Hacker Framework no-profit :) :

    Slack (log-in)
    Slack (new user)

On Slack there are various channels:

   #general (Has a chat bridge with Italian Hacker Embassy on Telegram) 
   #socialcosi (where there are the social media notification and who contribute to posting content on the social channel) 
   #ithackemb-{logistics, belgianemb, budget-19, comms, cucina, milliways, party) channels that get created during Italian hacker embassy organizations at Hacker Camp
   Random other channels 

Those events are all intertwined also with many persons that are part of the Inclusive Hacker Framework no-profit association (IHF) where there a somehow core community that contribute with volunteering for organizational stuff such as:

   logistics, we have a rented depot that can fulfill a van of equipment to arrange an embassy 
   administrative and legal organization, handling of all accounting, donations, payments, contract signing to rent stuff (es: The van, pay the rental of the embassy, etc)
   general support

It's common, but definitively not a rule, that people who are often dedicating more time and support in making those aggregations happen become members of the association :)

So, with all this entropy, you would start asking, why the hell those names similarity for Italian Hackers Embassy (IHE) and Inclusive Hacker Framework (IHF) that make it not clearly understood who's what and where and how?

Because you don't consider that there's also Italian Hacker Camp (IHC) that in 2018 saw 650 participants for 5 days, it will happen again in 2020 29th July in Padova!

IHC is a two-year quite big event with a decent amount of organizational complexity that usually receives core contributions by many people around IHE and IHF, along with many other communities contributing to the making of the event.

Welcome to the world of the cross-communicational entropy of IH* (commonly referred to as IHCCazzi), IHE, IHF, IHC !