Ireland/MindField 2011

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Ireland/MindField 2011
MindField 2011
Type of Conference
Start 2011/04/29 (iCal)
End 2011/05/01
Homepage: Homepage
Venue: Merrion Square
City: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Min Cost: Free for members of Irish Hackerspaces"Free for members of Irish Hackerspaces" is not a number.
Max Cost: Ticketed talks are €10 each or €69 for all ticketed events (a number of events are completely free of charge)"Ticketedtalksare€" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.

MindField - International Festival of Ideas[edit]

The organisers have invited members of all of Ireland's Hackerspaces and Makerspaces to build a temporary Hackerspace over the MindField weekend.

All talks and workshops at the Mindfield Hackerspace are free of charge though some do require the purchase of kits. (Arduino, Craft Hacking) There is no charge on the general public for admission to the Mindfield Hackerspace. Cost of travel within reason for members of Irish Hackerspaces to Dublin will be covered by Mindfield on the basis that members of Irish hackerspaces want to help out, run workshops and take part in running the Mindfield Hackerspace. Where possible it would be great if people can find accommodation for the weekend with friends alternatively we can arrange a shared hostel dorm which will also be covered by Mindfield.

So we need to get together a list of who is coming and what peoples needs are and also what tools and equipment we will need to make this a real functioning hackerspace for the weekend.

Thats it for now I'm sure I will add to this again later.

All the Best

Kevin Flanagan - kev.flanagan (AT)


  • User:robfitz - TOG - Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun - Can provide one bed.
  • Daniel TOG Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon Can provide 3 beds in Bray (1 hour commute)087-7731120
  • User:jodi - 091_Labs - Fri, Sat, Sun @jschneider
  • Carles - 091_Labs - Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Ellen - 091_Labs - Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Adrian - 091_Labs - Fri, Sat, Sun
  • BaconZombie - TOG - Fri, Sat, Sun - I can help setup stuff on Thur afternoon if needed.
  • Gabriela miLKlabs - Fri, Sat
  • Kevin Flanagan - 091_Labs - Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun (Main contact for Mindfield Hackerspace events) @flanagankev
  • Sarah - miLKlabs = Fri, Sat @froodie
  • User:tdr - TOG - Fri*, Sat, Sun - (no guarantee for Fri)
  • Oisín - 091_Labs - Thu?, Fri
  • Cheryl - TOG - Fri, Sat, Sun - with sewing machine/fabric/LEDs
  • Aaron - 091_Labs - unsure of days yet
  • namit - TOG - I be there
  • René Bohne - FabLab Aachen, Germany - Fri, Sat - need accommodation for 2 persons
  • User:justin - TOG - Fri, Sat, Sun

Pictures of the Event[edit]

Day 0x00 :

TOG MF2011 Day0 x01.png

TOG MF2011 Day0 x02.png