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Type of Contest
Start 19th October 2013 (iCal)
End 20th October 2013
Homepage: Inventorthon
Venue: Satellite Applications Catapult
City: Oxford
Country: England UK

The #Inventorthon is a two-day technology development event, with access to the latest space data, intellectual property, challenges and technology to create the solutions and businesses of tomorrow.

If you are an entrepreneur, hacker, designer or developer, or would like to be, make sure you come along!

Space and satellite applications offer some of the most exciting opportunities for developing new ideas and businesses. At the Space Future Business Weekend, you'll have 36 hours working in small teams to develop either new ideas or work on a specific challenge.It is a high energy “hackathon”-style event where we’re not just coding and designing, but also building new ways of doing things, technically and commercially. This is why we’ve renamed it an “Inventorthon”. Come along and build technical solutions to a challenge, create business solutions to a challenge, or join forces with other entrepreneurs and technologists to develop both the technical solution and create a business opportunity around a challenge.

If you are up for building a business or some cool apps for space (and having a lot of fun in the process!), please register now to join us on this journey that we hope will transform your personal network and opportunities!