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Status suspected inactive
Country India
State or District Himachal Pradesh
City Dharamsala
Date of founding 2012/07/16
Last Updated 2021-12-21
Phone 9882226638
Snail mail

Ghoomakad, Near Rakkar Ground, Rakkar, Sidhbari
Himachal Pradesh-176057 Dharamsala

Size of rooms 42m²
Open to Residencies? yes
Location 32° 11' 54.67" N, 76° 22' 1.09" E

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Infinity is a concept which can not be described, scientifically or through words. In our context here and now, this word represents the primordial consciousness, force or intent which governs the Existence. It represents the dark and the light matter. It is "you", "me" and also the "scent and the flower". It is the sum total of what there is. It is infact all that there is. And it is also the Zero out of which it came from.

Infinity has its consciousness and intelligence which can be easily seen by an open mind in the leaf of a grass or in the rays of the Sun. Or within.

In the current space and time of Humanity on Earth, Life at our little corner of the Infinity, is feeling an ever growing intention. This intention can be seen and felt far and wide across Earth. This call is the realisation to drop the borders and connect, to clean up, organise and create a fertile ground for the dawn of a new era in Human consciousness, where humans will realise their true potential and there will be undiscriminating Oneness and Love, and Peace.

Ghoomakad hackbase is such a vortex of Infinity. This is the spirit that pervades this space.

For more details of Ghoomakad hackbase and its/Infinity's current projects, scroll a bit below. If you can, you should invest five minutes for reading the intent of Infinity, to get what this is really about. For stay and facilities you can find more details on

The intent of Infinity[edit]

A network of birds of all colours,

beings of peace and love,

exploring the undiscovered and also the forgotten,

exciting possibilities that exist in living

right here, right now.

In a world suffering from individualism, war and hatred, our Infinity is the bridge between the microcosm (Individual, me, wave) and the macrocosm (Universe, collective, ocean). A bridge where there is a perfect balance and connection between the I and the Rest, the left and the right, the christian and the muslim, the man and wife. The human and nature. This is the bridge to Oneness.

Infinity spaces and its members are and always must be, free of the kind of likes, dislikes and rigid disagreements that destroy and drain our energy, time and crucial life resources. Things that make life miserable and unsustainable. Every member will foster a daily routine of healthy living, self-growth and free expression - to establish a smooth rhythm of ever balance and symbiosis with the external environment.

We all have experienced glimpses of Oneness with the Universe. Though we may forget those moments of absolute brilliance. With a constant, direct connection with the Universe, constant joy and absolute freedom are possible in this very life! We all share common patterns of blockages which can be wiped out by collective and individual effort.

Let us open up to never close again. Let us play. Let us make love instead of a fight. Let our co-creation be for the best of me, you and everything that there is. Lets wonder how can we make this moment you and I are sharing, better. Without fearing what will I get in return. Love is the antidote to fear. When the cup is full of love, there is no space for fear. When there is no fear, there can be no terrorist. There are only lovers.

We are One family

. Close your eyes my beloved, for a minute, and

feel the love from universe in your chest. Let it expand to all of you and all your existence.

You have always known this feeling. Love is everywhere and in everything.

There is something that comes before the disillusioned mind. What is that? That is (the true) Self. The mind constantly lays out an idea of who I am. This idea of I, separate from or comparing to the Other, can have only an idea of love. The real you is in connect with the cosmic web of Life, and by default knows love! It knows everything that I am saying. It doesn't need to imagine. It doesn't need words. It just feels love in the heart, in the peace and as the feeling.

If you are open, then in your and my heart, and from the heart, in your and my mind, we have an opening. A possibility of a bridge. Travel with the wings of openness. Cross that bridge and find your own self in me like I am finding myself in you. You and I are different, and yet our essence, the very core of us, is the same. You have felt this connection with the Universe in some fleeting moments in your life. I am bringing that memory back to you, to make you remember who you truly are.

I am calling the real you Let us realise the larger Organism that you and I are. Let us integrate our differences for mutual good, rather than wipe out the ones to speak differently. When we will come together, truly together, as One, and for betterment of collective life, then we must expect the best from our life.

So, whether we live in east, middle east or west, we must unite to realise our human potential and liberate our selves and this Earth from slavery, misery and ignorance of any kind!

The seeders of the new era are sending waves of knowledge and love onto us. You and I, our home this beautiful Earth - is going to resonate and shine in full light, like a cosmic spectacle in the history of time. Our lives may be a tiny spec in the life of this universe, yet NOW IS OUR TIME. And we will seize the moment! Future is yet to come. The past is for reflection. All you and I have is this moment - the cosmic spectacle that took 13.8 billion years to manifest. 'Let's make it better.'

May we all get firmly connected to the Source. And live together as that One, with undifferentiated love towards this moment in its entirety.


Does this resonate even a little? Let us connect[edit]

If you feel a resonance with the intent, we would love you to be a part of us, and us of you. To take things forward, you can shoot a mail to infinity at hillhacks dot in telling about yourself, your space and your ideas. We are now open to expanding our network throughout the globe.

From 2018 onwards, [LifeMaker] will be our official medium of collaboration and self evaluation.

Ghoomakad hackbase, the ground Zero of Infinity[edit]

Ghoomakad (meaning a continuous traveller) is the first host (incubator, branch) of Infinity. It is located in village Rakkar - not exactly an agricultural hamlet anymore, especially with the onset of roads. Nonetheless, the people of the village are still open and warm as other Himalayan villagers. Thereby being a good host to Infinity space.

Ghoomakad (explorers) from all over, with various backgrounds and lines of action, knowledge and expertise live here as family, learn, share and collaborate with each other. We do events, workshops, projects, gardening, nature explorations, yoga etc. The community living there is fluid and people keep returning. The space is sustainably run by some villagers and digital expats. We suggest you come for at least one month, for a deeper engagement and relationship to happen.

Infinity space at Ghoomakad is the gate to get a glimpse of a simple and joyful life in nature and loving company. The vibe of the space has the power to give the explorers a life changing experience, shall they need it and be open enough to receive.

This network of awake people in an alive environment, with an open source sharing platform gives birth to new ideas and concepts. The community creates and carries out events, workshops and projects. So far they have been mostly about knowledge sharing, self improvement, gardening, technology, food, music, arts or society.

Everyone who comes here takes something from here. It is all due to the involvement of everyone with each other. Hence Ghoomakad invites such explorers who share the intention of enriched community living. And especially those, who can sow the seeds of birth of this new era.

What does it take to make most out of this experience[edit]

  • Openness and curiosity
  • Being in nature. River baths and yoga.
  • Cleanliness (inner and outer)
  • Empathy and care
  • Truthfulness and integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Focus on health and personal growth
  • Keen observation of the Self inside and outside.

What we offer[edit]

Located in a village beautifully surrounded by the mountains, rivers and forests - Infinity space at Ghoomakad offers an organic - environmental reform that makes the senses more aware and receptive facilitating Self Discovery, growth and creation.

There is wide open space with a variety of herbs, fruit, vegetables, ornate plants, wild plants, trees, grass, insects and animals.

There are two halls which can be used for artistic creativity, software development, workshops, events, musical jams, video screening etc

  • a kitchen hall (Boat House, ground floor)
  • a studio/workspace (Lotus, ground floor)

There are 11 rooms, 8 in Pyramid and 3 in Upper floor of Boat House. Two rooms share a bath/toilet which are equipped with hot water geysers. The halls also have a bath/toilet each.

There is a camping ground where we plant some vegetables. The camping ground has 4 toilets and two baths with water and power supply. The camping ground will soon host a self-sustainable play and make space for kids - a space for unlearning and exploration at early age. it will also have a greenhouse, starting October 2016, as a step closer to direction of being fully self-sustainable.

Apart from the space, we offer a variety and depth of talent in technology, mountain survival skills, music and gardening. You are welcome to come here and learn, while building the prototype for your dream project. Further, we have some interesting ongoing projects of the hackbase, across technology and otherwise, that we would like you to be a part of and enrich.

We have a good local support. It is a great possibility for cultural exchange, learning traditional arts and working together where one learns from one-another.

Infinity space (and hence also Ghoomakad) is an incubator or projects and people. The community helps each other out with skills, knowledge, time, money, open discussions and care. So while being here, you can get the best for both, your passionate goals, and also for your own reform.

Location and Background[edit]

Set amid the backdrop of the snow capped Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, the hackspace/studio is located amidst natural surroundings of fresh river streams, thick woods and lush terrace fields at Rakkar, Sidhbari, 8kms from the town of Dharamshala in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The studio functions as a fusion space for nerds and artists from across the world and the locals from the Rakkar and Dharamsala community, alike.

Rakkar is an agricultural village inhabited by the indigenous shepherd community called the Gaddi and has a population of around 1500 people.

Also touched by the road, the hackbase is a witness to the overlap between the modern life, development and nature.

The Space[edit]

Outdoor space

The triangle shaped main compound is surrounded by freshly melted, flowing water on all sides (locally called Kuhl, these are irrigation channels). There is also a fresh water pool the shape of a bow, with the water fountain coming out as the arrow. The Kuhls are good for dipping your feet. The pool is good for storing water and also for dipping your self! There is also another water fountain at Southern corner.

The main hackerspace/studio (Lotus lounge) is a hall built with mud and stone and is shaped as two Infinity symbols overlapping at orthogonal angle. It has a wooden stage on one side, a fireplace, bathroom and storage room. Up to 15 people can easily work from the studio.

The living cottage (called Pyramid because of the shape of its roof) has two floors and 8 rooms.

A third building (Boat House, traiangular) has one hall (used for dining/screenings/events) and three rooms for stay.

The garden in the compound works as a good extension to the work space and gives an ever changing, ethereal view of the mighty Dhauladhar.

Adjacent to the main compound, is a camping space with four dry compost toilets, two baths and enough ground to accommodate forty tents.

Our technology stack[edit]

Websites, Wordpress, databases, media asset management, digital asset management, search and analytics engines, Nodejs, ReactJS, React-native, Web and Mobile development.


  • [ LifeMaker - Manifestation of the intent of Infinity] LifeMaker - a global-local-unified community connected for a compassionate and enlightening co-existence.
  • Extending elasticsearch A search and analytics engine for big data. Many apps even use it as their primary datastore nowadays. ElasticGraph is a NodeJS based extension of Elasticsearch. It supports relationship management and a deep graph search (like on Facebook). It has a multi lingual data storage and search API. It helps elasticsearch perform better through internal query batching and denormalised storage. It supports declarative dependency management between different parts of information graph. It supports an English like Sql for non-technically oriented users. Can horizontally scale for any big data or load - thanks to Elasticsearch backend. It has two satellite extensions. A. An elegant and powerful user interface for media, digital asset management and general purpose database. B. File system scanner for media and file management in digital archives.
  • Metataste A movie discovery engine.
  • Hillhacks Fourth version to be held in May/June 2017
  • Mettacamp Self development in the Himalayas. In partnership with Jaaga
  • CodeCamp Coding, camping and yoga in Himalayas. In partnership with Jaaga


During a rainy afternoon

There is always space for visitors. Sleeping bags can can be provided to volunteers at the hackerspace itself based on availability. Private rooms with food can also be arranged at hackbase compound, or in the home stays in the village within walking distance and at reasonable rates. Volunteers are invited to help in the following domains:

  • Imparting guidance and useful knowledge
  • Improving or adding to the hackbase in any way
  • Support to existing projects of the hackbase community


Fresh home cooked meals are prepared by the members at the space. If you don't enjoy cooking, you can clean the dishes or segregate the waste. The kitchen is open all the time. The village has basic convenience stores that can be used for most supplies. Well stocked shops and cafes are reachable within a 10-20 minute walk from Ghoomakad.


Buses to Dharamshala (9km) are available from the crossing at Ghoomakad. Raju bus crosses Ghoomakad three times a day as well. A new government bus has started to ply 3 times a day as well. More frequent bus service available on the other side of river Manoni (5 minute walk) or from Sidhbari (15 min walk)

How to get to Rakkar from outside Dharamsala? You can find the details here

Skills, Activities and Interests[edit]

  • Reform for excellence
  • Technology
  • Yoga
  • Wholesome and healthy living
  • Cooking
  • Treks to the mountains
  • Search and discovery engines
  • Information management systems
  • Skill training and knowledge sharing (kids, college students, anyone willing to learn)
  • Music, Music, Music
  • Waste management
  • Last but not least: Hacking of the Self and Society

Facilities and Tools[edit]

  • Camping site
  • Self sustainable maker/unlearning space for children and curious adults
  • Fast broadband WiFI
  • Bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 24x7 open kitchen
  • Guitars, flutes, harmonica, xylophone, jambe and other musical instruments
  • Drills, saws, measuring tape
  • Raspberry Pis, soldering station, multimeter and other electronic/electrical equipment
  • Laundry machine
  • Organic waste pit
  • Microscope
  • Library
  • A wooden oven
  • An extra kitchen, made local style with mud stoves, called Maikhana
  • Lotus hall with a spare laptop or two
  • Boathouse hall for cooking experiments, and screenings.
  • Unicycles and motor bikes

Local Organizations and Communities[edit]

There is a myriad of locally available resources and skillsets that can be utilized in and around the hackerspace. Rakkar is also home to 5 organizations:

  • Mindgrep, techies who arrived here first, setup this space and running the space too.
  • Hillhacks, incubated at this very hackbase, this is a community of hackers without border out there to make a difference through knowledge sharing and innovative collaboration in fields of technology, art and life
  • Jagori Grameen woman empowerment, organic farming and food distribution
  • Nishta, an NGO which focuses on healthcare, primary education and waste management
  • Dharamsala Animal Rescue
  • MyEarthStore: Organic boutique shop at Sidhbari and a farm.
  • Gyuto monastery, Norbulingka, and other Buddhist monasteries nearby
  • There are quite a few more in the vicinity

Other Village resources[edit]

  • Government run secondary school
  • Nishta's computer center
  • Nishtha's medinal clinic
  • Grocery shops
  • Tailor
  • Clothes and curtains boutique
  • Fresh dairy product - milk and cow dung
  • Carpentry workshop
  • Local farm produce
  • Mineral water spring
  • Village sports ground

Places nearby[edit]

  • River Manoni - Freshly melted snow from Dhauladhar range, running across the length of the village. Great for baths.
  • Aghanjar Mahadev Shiv temple by the Manoni river. 20 minutes walk up the road.
  • Norbulignka Institute for Tibetan arts and culture[1], Fatehpur (1km)
  • Gyuto Karmapa Monastery[2], Sidhbari (1km)
  • Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD) [3], Tapovan (3km)
  • McLeod Ganj, Bhagsu and Dharamkot[4] (12km)
  • Sambhaavnaa Institute of Public Policy & Politics and children's learning center [5], Palampur (35km)
  • Andretta Pottery and Crafts Society[6], Palampur (45km)
  • Billing paragliding area, Bir (55km)
  • And more..

Past Events[edit]

  • Jul 13, 2013 - Cryptoparty Dharamshala[7]
  • Nov 8, 2013 - Digital Dhasa meetup number 3
  • Dec 27-30, 2013 - 30C3 Congress Everywhere linked to Chaos Computer Club's 30th annual Congress in Hamburg
  • Dec 27-30, 2013 - Hacked Chess tournament for the local Dharamsala community and visiting friends and hackers
  • Dec 27-29, 2013 - Wikipedia Hackathon with school children and Dharamsala geek community
  • Oct 10-26, 2014 - Hillhacks temporary hackerspaces and conference hall for workshops, talks and sessions around technology, art, society, earth and life
  • Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2014 - Dharamsala International Film Festival To celebrate great independent cinema in the mountains
  • May -June 2015 - Second Hillhacks Workshops, talks and sessions around technology, art and society. Connecting with the likeminded.
  • April 4th - May 20th 2016 - CodeCamp, in collaboration with Jaaga study. We hosted a camp for around 40 programming enthusiasts to learn coding, teach coding and make their own open source applications, in a peer to peer environment.
  • May 21st -June 5th 2016 - Third Hillhacks Workshops, talks and sessions around technology, art and society. Connecting with likeminded