Ignition Alley

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Ignition Alley
Country United States of America

State or District


City Atlanta

Date of founding


Website http://www.ignitionalley.com



Snail mail

696 Somerset Terrace
30306 Atlanta
United States of America

Number of members

70 (as of Nov 22, 2009)
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Membership fee

USD$35/month - 5 Calendar Days USD$95/month - Unlimited USD$190/month - Unlimited+Dedicated Desk FREE - Friday 2pm-7pm Open House

Size of rooms

(3) ~2000 sqft and (1) ~1000 sqft

Location 33° 46' 24", -84° 21' 45"

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Status active

Atlanta has a growing community of startups and freelancers, developers and creatives, marketers and entrepreneurs. Ignition Alley is an Atlanta coworking space for them to all come together to start something big. Let's get some work done.

User:Nullset says:"Ignition alley is a commercial co-working space, not a hackerspace."

… and they declare themself as a "coworking space and business community" but for the time being let's keep the entry and let decide you (as s/o with an interest in the Atlanta scene) if this space complies with your own definition of a hackerspace or your needs.
Citing Yves: I think the map is important to find a place near where you live. Having too much items there is not as problematic as missing some.
--PK 20:34, 5 May 2011 (CEST) who personally prefers the community-run nc approach
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