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Welcome to the #hackerspaces IRC channel, on the network.

Also see IRC_Channel.

You entered the channel![edit]

Welcome! Please introduce yourself, if you like - where you're from, are you a member of an existing space, what you're interested in. Fellow hackers worldwide will be happy to see you there.

You asked a question, but didn't get a reply in 1/5/10 minutes. Stay on the channel, it's relatively active, just not every hour, or in real time, sometimes. If you don't have a bouncer (or "BNC"), or don't know what that is, read below.

How to connect? (easy version)[edit]

IRC has been around since the 80's, but if you have never used it before, XXX is a good place to inform yourself about it. There is still a wealth of hack-related communities there, on different networks.

Unlike some contemporary chat networks, your identity only keeps presence on IRC networks while you keep connected there. If you want to keep following the conversations, you need a "bouncer" for that, which (if your computer isn't on 24/7) typically means having your own server. A bouncer keeps your nick present on the network, and in all your channels.

But if you've never used IRC yet, don't yet have a community of friends and a clear idea what channels to follow there, probably the easiest way to start would be with Matrix. Matrix is a new distributed chat network protocol, which bridges to some IRC networks (including Registering your identity on some Matrix server will also keep a bouncer for you.

You can create an account easily with , which also has good mobile apps.

How to connect? (EASIEST version)[edit]

connect via matrix You could use .

Networks & channels of interest[edit]

please add more!