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Hustle con
Hustle Con
Type of Conference
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Homepage: Hustle Con
Venue: Brava Theater
City: San Francisco
Country: United States of America
Min Cost: 150150 USD <br />111 EUR <br />91.5 GBP <br />0.214 BTC <br />9,243 INR <br />
Max Cost: 300300 USD <br />246 EUR <br />213 GBP <br />0.0078 BTC <br />21,891 INR <br />

Lets face it...everyone knows if you want to start a successful start up you NEED tons and tons of coding experience...Right? WRONG!

Hustle Con is a conference focused on nontechnical startup-ers. We like to call these people hustlers. They’re the type of person who’s scrappy, shamelessly resourceful and frighteningly ambitious. We're bringing together 15 founders from Silicon Valley's most successful startups to teach specific and actionable tactics to help you grow your startup...even if you can't code.

Hiten Shah (founder of KissMetrics and a super popular SF startup founder) Neville Medhora (Appsumo. Neville's a famous copywriter) Rohin Dhar (founder of Priceonomics. I bet you know these guys. They write really popular articles.) Tom Montgomery (founder of Chubbies, a crazy cool clothing brand. They just raised $4 million) Gabe Luna-Ostaseski (founder of Calfinder and Upshift Partners, an investment firm. He bootstrapped his biz to $25 mil a year) Rick Marini (founder of Tickle and BranchOut, the fastest growing social network. He sold his biz for $100+ mill and is an active investor) Chip Forsythe (founder of Rebel Coast Winery, first wine startup) Matt Fiedler (founder of Vinyl Me Please, a monthly vinyl club for music lovers.) Jess Lee (founder of Polyvore, $22 million in funding and profitable) Joel Gascoigne (founder of Buffer) Aarthi Ramamurphy (founder of True&Co. and Lumoid) Andrew Fogg (founder of