Hot Sheet Forming Workshop

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Hot Sheet Forming Workshop
Creative Hollow Form Sheet Forming
Type of Workshop
Start 2/11/12 (iCal)
End 2/12/12
Venue: Center for Metal Arts
City: Village of Florida
State: NY
Country: United States of America
Min Cost: 195 USD159.9 EUR <br />138.45 GBP <br />0.00507 BTC <br />14,229.15 INR <br />
Max Cost: 390 USD319.8 EUR <br />276.9 GBP <br />0.0101 BTC <br />28,458.3 INR <br />
Important dates
Submissions due: 1/31/12 for scholarship application

Art furniture and installation artist Vivian Beer is holding Session II in her Creative Sheet Forming series at the Center for Metal Arts in downstate New York on February 11-12, 2012. The Center is offering a scholarship to one sculptor or metal artist for 50% of the workshop tuition.

To apply for the scholarship, send sketches, images, or a written description of an art or metal-forming project that will benefit from instruction in this hands-on workshop. The scholarship will be awarded based on the Center's selection of a project that will best benefit from the Creative Sheet seminar.

In this full weekend workshop, Vivian Beer will explore surface manipulation and pushing the dimensional form with hot and cold sheet work. Participants will form and fabricate steel sheet in order to make hollow expressive forms. Topics of pattern making, basic hot and cold forming, tool selection, welding, and finishing with various abrasives will be introduced. We cut, form, weld and grind our way from flat sheet material to expressive three dimensional form, with applications from sculpting and art furniture to maestro auto bodywork. This workshop is for Intermediate to advanced metal artists.

The Center for Metal Arts is about one hour north of New York City, accessible by public transportation. More information on the Center and the workshop is available at and on the Center for Metal Arts facebook page.