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Haxko logo farbe.png
Status active
Country Germany
State or District Rhineland-Palatinate
City Andernach
Date of founding 2018/03/13
Last Updated 2023-10-09
Website https://haxko.space
IRC irc://irc.hackint.org/#haxko
Matrix https://matrix.to/#/#haxko:niyawe.de
SpaceAPI https://api.haxko.space/
git https://github.com/haxko/
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULCFRE1nb-M
Fediverse https://chaos.social/@haxko
Twitter https://twitter.com/haxko
E-mail kontakt@haxko.space
Mailinglist https://lists.haxko.space/listinfo/haxko-public
CalendarFeed iCal feed
Snail mail

haxko e.V., Kurfürstendamm 1, 56626 Andernach
RP-56626 Andernach

Number of members 45
Membership fee 20€/Month for regular members. Lower fees possible.
Size of rooms 150-200m²
Members Adlerweb
Location 50° 26' 3.97" N, 7° 24' 16.37" E

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The first traces of haxko date back to 2009 after someone posted his interest on a local mailing list. A rather large group responded, but due to some planning fuckup only a few meetings where organized and we never got beyond this point. In 2017, seven years later, a new attempt was made. On 13. March 2018 haxko was officially founded and started regular meetings at public places. Members also worked collaboratively on projects like light-painting and participated in local fairs like "Nacht der Technik", where they presented their projects and taught kids (and everyone else interested) how to solder.

Haxko Logo Light-Painting using addressable LED strips

In 2020 haxko rented an closed down pub inside the Andernach train station, about 16km from Koblenz City Center, yet easily accessible by train, bike or car. After some delays due to COVID-19 regular meetings started in 2022.

The space is usually opened for public Fridays on even-numbered weeks as well as Saturdays on odd-numbered weeks., starting at 18:00 local time. Other groups like Freifunk or a Linux User Group host additional public meetings inside the space.