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Status active
Country Austria
State or District Vienna
City Vienna
Date of founding 2006/10/07
Last Updated 2024-03-28
Website http://www.happylab.at/
43 1 3084666699
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/happylab.at
E-mail happylab@innoc.at
Snail mail

Haussteinstraße 4/2
A-1020 Vienna

Number of members 1500
Membership fee starting form EUR 5 per month
Size of rooms 250 sqm
Location 48° 13' 40.87" N, 16° 24' 0.66" E

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Happylab - Vienna Fab Lab[edit]

Ideas need space to be developed and brought to life. Happylab doesn't only offer this space, but also the neccessary machines to realize your own ideas. As a so called "Fab Lab" it provides free access to digital fabrication tools such as 3D-printers and Laser Cutters, which can be used to make (almost) anything. Architecture students, business founders, electrical engineers, jewelry designers - every day people with different backgrounds use the machines at Happylab for their own ideas and projects.

Open Lab[edit]

Every Wednesday (workdays) at 7 pm we're hosting a tour through Happylab - especially for first-time visitors. No need to register, just drop in!

More on www.happylab.at and on Facebook.

This Hackerspace has a 3D Printer

This Hackerspace has a Lasercutter

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