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Hacklab Mikkeli
Status active
Country Finland
City Mikkeli
Date of founding 2015/02/19
Last Updated 2023-10-01
Website https://www.hacklabmikkeli.fi/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hacklabmikkeli
Twitter https://twitter.com/HacklabMikkeli
E-mail mailto:hallitus@hacklabmikkeli.fi
Snail mail

Pietarinkatu 23 E
50100 Mikkeli

Membership fee 20 € per year for membership, additional 20 € per month for 24/7 access
Size of rooms 108 m²
Location 61° 41' 35.99" N, 27° 15' 45.00" E

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In April 2015 we got our current hackerspace premises in Kaukola neighbourhood. It is only a 10 minute walk from Mikkeli market square and pretty much the same from University of Applied Sciences. For Aalto students the distance is even shorter, just three blocks away from campus. Official street address is Pietarinkatu 23 E which is the southern end of Suksistudio building, but it's easier to take the Yrjönkatu and look for our logo (the magenta pixeled alien) by the door. You could try if your map/navigation/phonebook recognises street address Yrjönkatu 24. There is room for about four cars by the door - in case they're all gone you can use the ones in front of Suksistudio just 50 meters further along the Yrjönkatu.

We have five different working areas: "Dirty" for dirty works, "Clean" for software development and 3D printing and laser cutting, one big electronics dev room, lounge with couple of nice sofas and a video projector. Latest addition is a metalwork room that currently goes with its old name "Storage". There are also video games and older computers for interested. Barbeque is free for use.

Oh and all of this is open for pretty much anyone. Just drop by at our weekly "Wednesday Hack" every Thursday from 17:00. It's an open event for everyone. No requirements. Take along your projects and friends!

On Mondays at 17:00 we have something called "Maker Mondays" which are dedicated to actual working. No meetings or other gathering should be scheduled on Monday evenings. This is the perfect time to work on our common or your own projects.