Hackito Ergo Sum 2010

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Hackito Ergo Sum 2010
Hackito Ergo Sum 2010
Type of Conference
Start 2010/04/08 (iCal)
End 2010/04/10
Homepage: Hackito Ergo Sum
City: Paris
State: IDF
Country: France
Min Cost: 4040 USD <br />32.8 EUR <br />28.4 GBP <br />0.00104 BTC <br />2,918.8 INR <br />
Max Cost: 8080 USD <br />65.6 EUR <br />56.8 GBP <br />0.00208 BTC <br />5,837.6 INR <br />
Important dates
Workshops due: 2010/03/01
Tutorial due: 2010/03/01
Abstracts due: 2010/03/01
Papers due: March 1st, 2010
Posters due: 2010/03/01
Demos due: 2010/03/01
Submissions due: 2010/03/01
Notification: 2010/03/10

Hackito Ergo Sum is focusing on all technology hacks, hardcore reverse engineering and vulnerability research, exotic network and platform hacking, and all the new domains of the hacking domain.