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Hackfun logo.jpeg
Status active
Country Argentina
State or District Santa Fe
City Rosario
Date of founding 2019/08/30
Last Updated 2024-05-08
Website https://hackfunrosario.com/
git https://github.com/Hackfun-Rosario
YouTube https://fediverse.tv/c/hackfun/videos?
Fediverse https://rebel.ar/@hackfun
E-mail contacto@hackfunrosario.com
Snail mail


Number of members 25
Membership fee 0. We don't have a fixed membership, we only accept voluntary contributions.
Size of rooms 48m²
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes
Residencies Contact contacto@hackfunrosario.com
Location 32° 56' 28.22" S, 60° 38' 26.65" W

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About us[edit]

We are an inclusive community from Rosario, Argentina, fighting planned obsolescence. We love all kinds of experiments involving art, technology and creativity.

Main projects and activities[edit]

Obsolescencia Postergada (Postponed Obsolescence)[edit]

We receive donations of unused or "obsolete" computers, we fix and upgrade them using free and open source software, and donate them again to schools, public libraries and other organizations in need. This project took special relevance during the COVID 19 pandemic, where the need to be able to make videocalls was at an all time high.

Retro Museum[edit]

We are collecting vintage computers and gaming consoles to create a humble retro museum. We often organize "retro arcade" events where people can play with all the retro consoles and with emulators.

Retrocomputing and Retroprogramming club[edit]

It's an sort of stufy group of all things retro: Retro OSes and programming languages like Assembly in DOS or Commodore 64.


Our activities vary from meeting to meeting, according to the people participating and their interests, knowledge and abilities.

Anyone can come to our meetings and bring their own proposals for new projects or participate in existing ones.