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Hackerspaces currently doing space related projects[edit]

Noisebridge, San Francisco, USA[edit]

Lead Hackerspace Mitch Altman 2169 Mission St, San Francisco

Noisebridge is a space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning. Noisebridge is also more than a physical space, it's a community with roots extending around the world. The Hackerspace 5,600 square-foot space contains an electronics lab, machine shop, sewing/crafting supplies, two classrooms, conference area, library, darkroom, and kitchen. Everyone is welcome to use our many resources.

XinCheJian, Shanghai, China[edit]

Interstellar Farming Ricky Ng-Adam

XinCheJian is the first Chinese Hackerspace with initial space of 100 m2. The Hackerspace interest is in exploring how to grow food in self-contained environments with a variety of applications in modern urban farming. Our urban farming projects are in partnership with Susan Evans, a Tongji University M.A course Sustainable Design lecturer and founder of kplunk (http://kplunk.com), an organization committed to a sustainable future by creating demand and markets for sustainable living. Future projects include automated environmental monitoring and growing meat.

Alpha One Labs, Brooklyn, USA[edit]

Interstellar Propulsion

Alpha One Labs Hackerspace was founded in July 2009. Promoting radical inclusivity, Alpha One Labs aims to provide a fun, tool rich space for users of all ages and interests to work on projects together. We meet every Tuesday from 7-10pm and it is open to all. Alpha One Labs is exploring a vertical engine vehicle that utilizes a new mode of propulsion for space exploration, travel and exploration within the atmosphere of other planets.

Connected Community Hackerspace (CCHS), Melbourne, Australia[edit]

(Main contacts: Andy Gelme, Luke Weston, Secondary contact: Paul Szymkowiak)

CCHS members have been undertaking space-related projects over the last couple of years as part of structured efforts such as the http://lunarnumbat.org build team and the Australian Space Research Institute (ASRI), in addition to working on less-structured amateur projects. Projects include: Lunar Numbat is a partner of WhiteLabelSpace who are competing in the Google Lunar X-Prize; Working on ASRI AusRoc 2.5 rocket engine control; and Amateur hobbyist rocket avionics, e.g. MobSenDat, for Linux Conference Australasia (LCA2011).

Maui Makers, Hawaii, USA[edit]

Extraterrestrial Habitats/Industrial Systems - Cole Keaoulu Santos Engineering & Education - Jerry Isdale

Maui Makers was founded in 2010 as the first makerspace in Hawaii. Members have a wide range of interests and projects ranging from computer activities such as web development and microcontrollers to agricultural and sustainable habitats. We are working on a state of the art aquaponics demonstration systems that incorporate microcontrollers and pressurized and gas optimized grow chambers, as well as a network of low cost RF linked weather stations for monitoring microclimates of sparsely populated (island) locales. We also mentor the local high school robotics club.

Current and future projects include: atmospheric water farming (chillbox), pressurized and gas optimized grow chambers, SCADA environmental control systems for habitats, low cost wifi weather stations, one man closed cycle habitat, Biogas systems for LOX/Methane rockets, co2 agriculture enrichment and hydrogen sulfide ore leaching.