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Marketing Strategy[edit]



  • Hackerspaces/fablabs/etc who will be undertaking the projects or wish to start their own
  • The public who are interested in space
  • Media who wish to cover us
  • Sponsors
  • Partners



The Name[edit]


  • 'Hacker' is still a negative word to many people. Should we change the name of the project to make it less intimidating and thus draw more support and interest from the public?
  • CCC are using the term 'Hacker Space Program' in their project for the Hackerspace Global Grid. This could easily be confused with 'Hackerspace Space Program'
  • More than anything else, the name is a real mouthful!

Marketing Channels[edit]

To Hackerspaces[edit]

To Potential Partners[edit]

To media[edit]

To general public[edit]

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