Hackerspace Townsville

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Hackerspace Townsville
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Status closed
Country Australia
State or District Queensland
City Townsville
Date of founding 2010/05/27
Last Updated 2020-05-01
Jabber tim@jabber.hackerspaces.org
E-mail da_topcat@hotmail.co.uk
Snail mail

23 sixth street
QLD-4810 Townsville

Number of members 1
Membership fee its totally free, please message before coming!
Size of rooms 5m2
Location 19° 16' 13.50" S, 146° 49' 45.15" E

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Things to do[edit]

  • Find members
  • Do regular meetings
  • Do and document Projects
  • Search for a website / domain / name
  • Find a location

in process

people who are interested:[edit]