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This is our preliminary wiki. Dear bureaucrats: Please do not delete this. We will move it, soon.

Current topics[edit]

  1. how to Hackerfleet - i.e. general reusable documentation for processes around a maritime hacking community
    1. You have reached the current spot for this
  2. Find ways to enable hackers to sail more (Mail list for travel sharing)
    1. Mitseglerzentrale or "Airbnb for yacht users"
  3. How to AIS transponder? Collect device information and resources (Martin mentions chinese "internal market" devices)
  4. SIM cards for international use (so you can hang up the LTE in your mast and don't have to switch cards)
  5. Maybe investigate proprietary vendors' DRM
  6. Transducers'n'Sidescanners - we need more depth data and processing of it