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Hackathon Belfast 2010
Subevent of Hackathon Belfast
Type of Workshop
Start 2010/10/23 12:00 (iCal)
End 2010/10/23 12:00
Homepage: Facebook Group
Venue: Queens' University Belfast Students Union
City: Belfast
Country: UK
Min Cost: £5"£" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Main Wiki

Streaming Live from around 1230ish

On Saturday the 23rd October, the Hackers invade The Space!

In association with QUESTS, Dragonslayers, and IETNI, HackerspaceBelfast will be running a series of events over 24 hours of software, network, and hardware hackery goodness, as well as screening hacker movies, DIY repair, and maybe, just maybe, how to build a laser. Running parallel to Dragonslayers' 24 hour gaming event, which will incorporate console, PC, and tabletop games, attendees will be able to both play and make games to their hearts content.

If you're interested in programming, like to take things apart and see what happens if you mess with hardware, or want to know more about some of the the pitfalls of network and computer security (as well as how to prevent them), come along and mess with a group of like minded people.

Admission is £5 to pay for security and utilities. Space is limited so come early, stay late, and you won't be disappointed.

For more information or to register your interest, check out our Facebook Event

General Needs[edit]

  • Label printer (for identifying what people brought when were packing this all up!
  • Whiteboard(s)!
  • Metric Shit-ton of supplies:
    • Energy Drinks
    • Water
    • Snacks
    • Coffee + Milk


Ludum Dare[edit]

  • Demonstrators (Volunteers needed)
    • Grieve - I'll happily give a quick overview/history of Ludum Dare, along with some tips/bad ideas for compressing game development into tiny timeframes.
  • Hardware Needed?
    • Bring Your Own Box really. Pen, Paper and vim is really the bare minimum here.
  • Project Ideas?
    • Asset Tracking for stuff brought to the hackathon (not a game i know but its just an idea) Bolster


  • Resources
    • De-ICE-I reckon this is the best documented pen-test-test environment on both sides, thanks thingy for the heads up
    • iCTF- Might be too complex at this point (maybe next year :P)
    • DEFCON Archives- No image files but a good resource for ideas
    • CIPHER CTF- Still alot of emphasis on teams, not sure what can be done with it.
    • Damn Vulnerable Linux-Easy Peasy, built on BT4
    • Damn Vulnerable Webapp-Easy Peasy Webby Squeezy, Built on Ubuntu
    • BackTrack Linux- The ultimate hack/exploit live system
    • Crackmes.de-Great site for Application cracking and vulnerability analysis


  • Projects?
    • Lasers!!! [1]
      • Need driver chip and 'donor' dvd drive / PSU / Heatsinks
    • Long-exposure laser drawing
      • Need servos / stepper motors + driver chips... And lasers
    • Small CNC machine
      • Steppers from old printers, rails made from steel tube and skateboard bearings (cheap in bulk, ebay), screws made from threaded bar.
      • Useful for making small parts and PCBs and all the important software is free. (Mach3)

Hardware List[edit]


  • FON wifi hotspot (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • 2x 21" LCD
  • 2x Desktop Towers
  • Lilliput USB LCD Display (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • Velleman P8055 USB interface board (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • White MyBook World Edition
  • Linksys WRT54GS
  • Netgear 8 port 10/100 Switch (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • White Netgear 5x 10/100/1000 Hub
  • Hongda, 10" (ish) TFT monitor (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • Cisco Catalyst 2950 24x 10/100 Switchwith console adapter (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • Asus Eee 900 (No power supply)


  • Massive Long CAT6 male/female (around 25 metres I think)
  • A couple of cheapo routers that are pretty effective switches (10/100)
  • My Desktop and Thinkpad, (transportation permitting)


(attendance permitting)

  • (el cheapo) Soldering iron, solder, etc
  • Random small collection of passive components, LEDs etc
  • Couple of breadboards
  • Couple of alphanumeric screens
  • PIC programmer


  • Random photography equipment.
  • A 5D Mark II, however, I'll only be letting it near people I trust.
  • Probably a netbook and a quad-core laptop, both Win7

Chris & Dan[edit]

Between us:

If we're walking:

  • 8 laptops, including 2 netbooks,
  • 3 Routers, 2 of which are running DD-WRT,
  • 1 5 port 10/100/100 switch
  • associated patch leads for said routers & switch, but please BYO!
  • toolbox and smallish electronics kit

If we can scrounge a lift, add on:

  • a 23 inch TFT that's full HD, mixer & speakers
  • Dell C2D machine with 4 GB of ram, 19 inch TFT,
  • Plenty of external storage
  • I'll grab my label printer too :)
  • My spare parts bin (including various cables & older components - pci/agp cards, IDE hard drives, few sticks of SD RAM)



  • Pixel art
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Recording of sound effects
  • Vague design of stuff on the day, i.e. leaflets, if needed
  • I can mix sound for talks etc if you get a PA system