Hack Together: Installation Buildathon

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What happens when you put a group of hardware hackers in a DIY wonderland for 24 hours? We're about to find out at the first ever Hack Together: Installation Buildathon! On April 1st, up to ten teams will spend 24 hours building installations at Artisan's Asylum in Somerville. When they emerge, a panel of esteemed judges will choose a winning team to set up their installation, physical or digital, at one of the awesome music venues during Together Festival, April 2nd-8th, a celebration of Music, Art and Technology. The installation can be anything from LED displays, projection art, music-themed living sculptures, whatever your mind designs! Artisan's Asylum offers an immense array of tools, including a CNC mill, lathe, TIG welders, soldering stations and more. For more details, see the Facebook event, and for more information on the festival, see togetherboston.com. Come build and meet fellow creators!

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