Hack Rolla!

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Hack Rolla!
Status closed
Country United States
State or District Missouri
City Rolla
Date of founding 2010/03/01
Last Updated 2011-08-24
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=316163375984
E-mail batee@fidnet.com
Snail mail

1028 South Bishop Avenue, #218
Rolla, MO-65401 Rolla
United States

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Membership fee ???
Size of rooms ???
Location 37° 56' 34.13" N, 91° 45' 49.04" W

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We have about 30 potential members and funding for the first six months. We have identified a 3,700 sq ft space in Rolla, and will take possession on March 15th.

Join the Facebook group "Hack Rolla!" for pics and more info.

Bryan A. Thompson batee@fidnet.com


9/2010: We closed HackRolla. In the end, the University takes everything from students that's needed to make a successful hackerspace: Money, time and resources. Thank you to everyone who believed in this dream. -- batee.com