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Status active
Country Russian Federation
City Novosibirsk
Last Updated 2014-05-04
Website http://www.hacknsk.org/
Snail mail

Russian Federation

Number of members


Membership fee

300 RUR/month + occasional collective funding for expensive stuff.

Size of rooms

8 m²

Members VadimIppolitov
Location 54° 59' 21", 82° 54' 23"

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We've created a small kind-of-HackerSpace in Novosibirsk and called it HackNsk. We hope to make it a "real" Hackerspace eventually.

Currently our main project is a custom-built quadcopter. It will be able to perform actions required by a flying robot contest. We also build some other small projects now and then.

Please contact Vadim Ippolitov or open our Russian site to find out more information and become a member.

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