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Status planned
Country Norway

State or District


City Tromsø

Date of founding


Last Updated 2017-07-25



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Location 69° 39' 32", 18° 56' 6"

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This is a planned group for the city of Tromsø, north Norway.

I am looking for anyone here in Tromsø that is willing to help form this group.

There are one or two known places where old electrical junk is dumped and is a goldmine for parts and stuff. A hackers haven sometimes..

  • A Workshop type thing would be an awesome place to share ideas, knowlage, and work on group projects.
  • Also working together to gather and salvage stuff from the junk dumps will help us stock up on materials and parts.
  • Recycling this stuff will also stop it ending up in the Landfill somewhere.

Contact me if you are interested and live in Tromsø, we need something like this here.. I believe you can contact me through my profile. (Cant really track you down. I set up a wiki for a Tromsø Hackerspace at http://hacktromso.pbworks.com/)

Noted and signed up. Bng. anyone else interested follow the above link.

Preferred Platforms[edit]

As more people join they will be bringing in their own personal ways of doing things and adding them to the group. This will expand the groups knowledge base and introduce members to new things too.

a list of platforms will be compiled ad will grow with the members. right now with there being only me the list will be very short.. ;)

The Platforms are at present:

  • Arduino
  • gadget modding
  • gadget hacking
  • gadget repair

> Hello, I live in Tromsø and actually, I am your neighbor if you still live in Prestvannet--I live at Elverhøy. Are you around? I would love to join in. I'm a newbie to all this, so I'm not quite sure how to find your profile. Please let me know how to contact you.

Hi to whoever added the above, i havent been on this wiki for a while but i am still interested in forming a group or at least being part of one here in tromsø. i live down the hill near arnesen. will need to remember how i logged in to here wen i made this page. will check back soon.

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