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Hack-Aid Belfast
Type of Workshop
Start 2010/12/18 (iCal)
End 2010/12/19
Homepage: Facebook Event
Venue: QUB Students Union
City: Belfast
State: Antrim
Country: UK
Min Cost: £5"£" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.

In association with QUESTS, Dragonslayers, and QUB RAG, Belfast Hackerspace is running another 24 hour event of hackery madness, centred around taking old disused obsolete hardware and making it do something useful, then donating those machines to charitable causes.

Of course, there will also be hacking challenges and electronics projects to keep you all entertained between surgery!


Main Hackerspace Wiki

Main Dragonslayers Event

Google Group Thread Send your ideas here!

Event Facebook Please RSVP so we can get rough numbers

Initial Planning Event Attend if you can!

Project Ideas[edit]

Ludum Dare - Games Programming[edit]

  • Ludum Dare 19 will be taking place on the 17th - 20th, so I will more than likely be taking part in this before and during the event. - Grieve

International Hackathon[edit]

  • The Synchronous Hackathon will also be going on at the same time, and we will be setting up a UStream box (donations welcome!) as well as live-streaming A/V from other events around the world. -Bolster


  • Development of a weather balloon / rocket based remote camera (similar to this [1]) - Bolster
    • Android App + Casing?
    • Testing after the event?

Possible Problem with Rocket[edit]

I don't think you can have any GPS technology in a rocket. If you do its classified as a cruise missile and illegal without special license. I could be miss remembering, but just letting you know.

If you want to add anything here, go ahead!



  • FON wifi hotspot (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • 2x 21" LCD
  • 2x Desktop Towers
  • Lilliput USB LCD Display (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • Velleman P8055 USB interface board (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • White MyBook World Edition
  • Linksys WRT54GS
  • Netgear 8 port 10/100 Switch (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • White Netgear 5x 10/100/1000 Hub
  • Hongda, 10" (ish) TFT monitor (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • Cisco Catalyst 2950 24x 10/100 Switchwith console adapter (Donation to Hackerspace)
  • Asus Eee 900 (No power supply)