HSF2010 in Paris

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HSF2010 in Paris
HSF 2010 !!
Subevent of Plastic Hacker Space Festival
Type of Symposion
Start 2010/10/29 (iCal)
End 2010/10/31
Homepage: /tmp/lab
Venue: HSF2010
City: Paris
State: Ile de France
Country: France
Important dates
Workshops due: 2010/10/05
Abstracts due: 2010/10/05
Submissions due: 2010/10/05

Call for proposals :

/tmp/lab annonces the Hacker Space Festival 2010 !! Plastic Hacker Space Festival 29-31 October 2010

/tmp/lab 6Bis rue Leon Geffroy 94400 Vitry sur Seine

Fablab, amazing DIY world, new gender studies,… All the ways to realize all your phantasms… Plastic, electronic, flesh to make almost everything.

Suggestions :

- Change your way to consume, make your own objects:

  • Daily useful objects.
  • Repair and fix around you.
  • Add functionalities everywere.
  • Real life scripted : make robots, automates in the same way you make

a Perl script !

  • Real life search engine with RFID patches at home.

- Change the way you would live for the next 90 years !

  • Holidays : to think how to keep going with no money and without the

need to work.

  • Find your own “private Idaho”.
  • Humanism, neo-humanism, hackerism, transhumanism.
  • Blog 2.0, self documentation : log yourself just after brushing your

teeth !

  • Every day R&D, technological survey for all : we are the researchers

and we can be the heroes.

  • Embrace the Unknown : to boldly go where no man has gone before.
  • Adventurers : going deeper everywere : deep oceans, forests, outer


  • Auto-fiction : your life slowly but surely create shapes, colors,

sounds, ideas and concepts.

- Hack yourself :

  • Feminism, masculinism, trans-sexualism : play your ism !
  • Open source phantasms.
  • Cyber Fantasy : esthetic, body parts substitutes, transformations.
  • Open source inexpensive prosthetics for legs, arms, hands.
  • Enhance your body : “We have the technology” said Oscar Goldman in

late 70′. Now, with this technology and robotics helpers, can we be harder, better, faster, stronger ?

  • How to change your sex ? cross-gender, crypto-anarchism vs identity.
  • Technology as a sensual and sensitive interface.

- Biology :

  • Make your own food and share recipes.
  • Open source pharmaceuticals to be healthy.
  • Organic computers.
  • The Grey Goo in your shampoo !

- Travel :

  • Path : “gens du voyage”, trailer park boys, roms, hackers : stuck in

place ?

  • By wheels, by legs, by air or floating, my vessel cost me almost

nothing !

- Hack your lanscape :

  • Be a gardener everywere !
  • How to use “non-lieux” and ugly “in-between” places in the cities ?
  • Architecture : size matters ?
  • Self replicating architecture : a home in your caterpillar or the reverse.
  • Troglodysm : Don’t like the sun ? dig !
  • Self-construction : tired of lego houses ?
  • Rehab for towers, bars and malls

- Energy :

  • Efficiency : my house is powered by a hamster.
  • Alternative energy : squeezing plutonium out of a pinecone.
  • Storage : the electric doggy bag.
  • Ascetism : candle ? what for ?

We’re preparing to explore these known or unknown worlds during the upcoming edition of the Hacker Space Festival 2010, from the 29th to 31th october 2010 at Vitry sur Seine.

Type of the proposals :

1. conference (45mn presentation + 10mn for questions) 2. workshop/demo (30mn until a few hours) 3. installation/performance (music, plastic, sound, video)

Lightning talks can be proposed and organized until the last moment, according to available space and schedule, in the form of BarCamps or Blitz Conferences.

Required Information:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Type (see above)
  • Language : french or english
  • Name of speaker(s)
  • Affiliation (organization/company)
  • Abstract (5 to 10 lines)
  • Topics/Keywords
  • Short biography
  • Internet connection required ? YES | NO

Send you contributions to cfp-phsf2010@usinette.org

Deadline : 5 October 2010

– Plastic Hacker-Space Festival 2010 29, 30, 31 octobre 2010 /tmp/lab 6Bis rue Leon Geffroy 94400 Vitry sur Seine http://www.tmplab.org/contact/