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Fort Pierce

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Fort Pierce (United States of America)

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27° 28' 9", -80° 23' 56"

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I've been on the Treasure Coast for a few decades. I appreciate anything technical; hardware, software, analog, digital, mechanical, biological and crafts. I just don't get most art, but I really enjoy Escher.

There are hacker/maker spaces on the Gold and Space Coast, as well as Tampa and Orlando. I found a small group in PSL, about a month before most of the members moved away; Richard you have no idea how much you're missed. I am trying for weekly meetings, and some sponsorship to get a place going on the Treasure Coast.

I know I have *lots* of minor edits, but you should know I'm a little OCD, and the mapping and search functions don't work unless the terms match ie. "US" is not the same as "USA" to a computer.

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