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Status building
Country Sweden
State or District Halland
City Halmstad
Date of founding 2010/07/12
Last Updated 2010-07-23
Snail mail

30231 Halmstad

Number of members 8
Membership fee 10 USD/month
Size of rooms 120 m²
Members Xarragon
Location 56° 41' 26.64" N, 12° 52' 13.81" E

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Geekubator is a Swedish hackerspace situated in the city of Halmstad on the south-west coast of Sweden just between Gothenburg and Malmö.

Being a hackerspace and as the name Geekubator implies, we strive to be a place where geeks can meet and incubate cool ideas.

Our hackerspace is currently still a work in progress but feel free to get in touch with us at or +46 733-16 64 03. You can also register to stay in touch with us and even subscribe to our RSS.