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GeeksOk, LLC
Status closed
Country United States of America

State or District


City Davenport
Last Updated 2015-07-24


Snail mail

United States of America

Number of members


Membership fee

25 dollars a month single or 40 dollars a month for a family

Size of rooms

900sqft shop bays, 600sqft classroom, 350sqft Office

Location 35° 43' 18", -96° 45' 32"

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Established In 2006 Closed December 2014


GeeksOK, located in Davenport OK is a community of education, technology, and creativity enthusiasts united by hobby, entertainment, and professional interest. The group has grown to incorporate many ideas of computers, sustainability, social justice, and artistic works. If you are interested, we are always seeking to expand our group and learn about new, cool projects. Anyone willing to spread the geekage can contact us.


GeeksOK is a private hackerspace so new members must be approved by majority vote. GeeksOK follows the OWNER model of hackerspaces and as such the Owners Board reserves final approval decisions. Since it was founded in 2006 GeeksOK members have been meeting in one of the member's home shop. During 2011 GeeksOK acquired a new home with Route 66 frontage and a much larger space. This means more overhead; therefore starting in mid 2012 GeeksOk will be charging for membership. Members are free to work on projects that earn themselves money and prestige. Many of our members cooperate on projects and enjoy the benefits of networking and business incubation. When members succeed we all succeed.


Regular Membership - 25.00 per month

We want interested persons to be able to participate, therefore arrangements may be available to work for dues or to make in kind donations.



We have a retail space where members can conduct business with each other and the public. Members may place things in the geek store and purchase items at a discount.


  • The classroom is approximately 600 Square Feet and offers.
  • Wireless and wired internet
  • Numerous power outlets
  • 42" television for presentations
  • A small kitchen area with refrigerator, microwave and sink.
  • A peg board wall to display items
  • Clean restroom
  • Vending Machines
    Members may rent the classroom and host classes, a calendar for scheduling classroom time is located in the main office.


    GeeksOk has a members only project space that is approximately 900 square feet which will be ready by summer 2012.

  • 3Axis CNC Router
  • Laser Cutter
  • 3D Printer
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • 220 Arch Welder
  • Metal Bender
  • Wood Planer
  • Band Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Jig Saw
  • Sewing Machines
  • So Many hand tools I can't list them all


  • 3 Axis CNC router (Completed)
  • DIY Segway (Planning)
  • 3D Printer (Makerbot Completed, Planning an ORDBOT)
  • Stringed Instruments (Many built and getting better all the time)
  • Percussion Instruments (Tongue Drums Made planning a Cajon)
  • 4x8 foot 150watt LASER cutter/engraver (Planning, High on Priority List)
  • XBOX Hacking (Been there, done that)
  • Community Mesh Network (planning, 100ft tower purchased)
  • Moringa Plants (Some planted, more planted soon)
  • Spirulina Tank ( Tank acquired, gathering materials)
  • Wall Drawing Robot ( all materials gathered)
  • Binary Clock ( Electronics and Programming done, need to build a case)
  • Tiny House (Planning stage, gathering materials)
  • Reed Basket Making (Made some, now trying to start a class)
  • Quilting (Have a person ready to teach classes)
  • Wood Carving by Hand ( Have an Instructor lined up)
  • Many, many more projects in the hearts and minds of members. Come by and visit.
  • Personal tools