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GOYS MakerSpace
Status active
Country Bahrain

State or District

Umm Alhasam

City Manama

Date of founding


Last Updated 2012-03-24
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Bahrain Hackerspace/Makerspace

If you're interested in joining GOYS MakerSpace in Um Alhasam please get in touch with us at ismael.touq (at)gmail.com.

here's what we have at the moment:

1) Micro controllors development boards.

2) Test equipment (scopes, power supplies and signal generators)

3) PCB design and etching equipments. Soldering irons.

4) Manual lathe, manual milling, Syil x4 CNC mill, C4 CNC lathe, grinder and more.

What we are looking for:

1) People who have the "maker" spirit. In engineering, art, design, chemistry, business start-up etc..

2) Any help we can get from NGOs, Sponsors or advisers.

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