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Forma Labs
Status closed
Country Ireland

State or District


City Cork

Date of founding


Last Updated 2019-01-21




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Forma Labs, Grattan House, Grattan Street, Cork, Ireland

Number of members


Membership fee

€50 monthly employed, €20 monthly student / unemployed / pensioner

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Location 51° 53' 54", -8° 28' 46"

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Curiosity is universal. Everyone is inspired by nature, the wonderful living things that surround us and so often go unnoticed. Often, we feel we cannot scrutinise the world around us because we are too distant from the technology and the know-how we’d need to learn something useful; why are a butterfly’s wings so iridescent? Without a good microscope, it’s hard to know. Is that old tree in my parents’ garden a unique heritage variety, or just an overgrown crabapple? Without access to sequencing technology, there’s little chance of knowing.

Forma Labs exists to satisfy this curiosity, and to nurture it in a friendly, social environment into a passion for all things biology and beyond. As Ireland’s first community laboratory, Forma Labs Biomakerspace provides equipment, space, and know-how through other members, allowing you to learn the art of DNA-barcoding and maybe finally answer that nagging question for yourself. Members and friends of Forma run events to introduce topics as diverse as DIY-neurobiology, bio-printing of human prosthetics, garage genetic sequencing or engineering, and food microbiology. Our monthly Bio Banter meetups appeal to people who just want casual chatter about science and technology. Our garden, kitchenette, co-working space and recreation room are there to provide a relaxed atmosphere for people who just want to chill out in good company. And, our learning-lab and donated or DIY equipment promises satisfaction to your burning science questions.

Biomakerspaces attract a diverse group of biology and science enthusiasts and offer a friendly, social environment in which to explore.Anyone can be a bio-maker, not only certificate-waving biology graduates and STEAM advocates. Biomakerspaces like Forma host kids, young scientists, undergraduate students of all stripes, the older-and-perpetually-curious. We welcome people of any creed, gender or background to join us in celebrating science, technology, and life itself in a safe and friendly setting in the heart of Cork.

Cork city just found a hub for anyone curious about life. Join us at a Forma event or contact a member to arrange a tour, and join in!

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