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Status active
Country Germany
State or District Hessen
City Kassel
Date of founding 2009/09/05
Last Updated 2023-10-27
Website http://flipdot.org/blog
Wiki http://flipdot.org/wiki
IRC irc://irc.libera.chat/flipdot
Matrix #general:flipdot.org
49 561 47395848
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/flipdothackerspace
Twitter http://twitter.com/flipdot kassel
E-mail com(ä)flipdot(pünkt)orgURIs of the form "com(ä)flipdot(pünkt)org" are not allowed.
Snail mail

Franz-Ulrich-Strasse 18
34117 Kassel

Number of members 57
Membership fee 23 / 10 EUR monthly Fees
Size of rooms 85m2
Location 51° 19' 5.74" N, 9° 29' 5.96" E

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flipdot (which is the local CCC Group "ERFA Kreis" as well) started September 2009 and rented a very nice room in a former shoe workshop. We lost this room in winter 2010 because of a tango group which was able to pay much more than we.

In November 2011 we moved to new rooms again in Sickingenstrasse 10 in Kassel (Same factory building as before).

Since 2016 we have new rooms near by the central train station in Kassel.

Our rooms are ready to use

Some of our equipment:

  • Soldring stations
  • Laptops
  • Oscilloscopes analog and digital
  • Electrical workbench with generator, multimeter and supply
  • Lots of digital multimeters
  • CNC Mill for wood, plastics and aluminum
  • Some 3D Printers
  • Mechanical workshop (under construction)
  • Tools tools tools
  • Lots of raspberrys, some with touchscreen, some controlling CAN buses or our activitiy banner at our website
  • Blinkenstuff

Some of our current projects:

  • Display announcing public transport schedules in the neighborhood (up and running)
  • Wall mounted touch display for various space settings (up and running)
  • Wall mounted CAN bus controller for various space control (up and running)
  • Grid energy consumpion metering (up and running)
  • GSM activated doorlock (up and running)
  • SSH activated doorlock (up and running)
  • CO2 sensor (up and running)
  • Stats for all the Sensors, for example CO2: https://stats.flipdot.org/dashboard/db/co2?orgId=1
  • space activity monitor based on mac adresses of users in local network (up and running)
  • vending machine (under construction)
  • remote controlled heater valve and temperature logging (up and running)

We meet nearly every day, (See blog for open/closed information or our statistics https://stats.flipdot.org/dashboard/db/users?orgId=1), our public day is every tuesday. Feel free to join, and feel free to contact us via mail (see right sidebar).

Unpacking 2012 christmas gift from a kind donator.