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FizzPOP Birmingham Hackerspace Logo.png
Status active
Country United Kingdom
State or District West Midlands
City Birmingham
Date of founding 2009/02/28
Last Updated 2024-02-14
44 (0) 7754634993
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35 Coventry Street Digbeth Birmingham
B5 5NH Birmingham
United Kingdom

Number of members 70
Membership fee 25 GBP per month, concessions apply
Size of rooms Large
Location 52° 28' 35.29" N, 1° 53' 13.27" W

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"fizzPOP: the Birmingham Makerspace" is an infrastructure for people with a wide range of skills and interests, bound by a common interest in tinkering with stuff to make something new. It’s a makerspace. Its a workshop. It's a hackerspace. It's driven by the membership, (and literally built by them too, as we have fitted out the new building almost entirely ourselves.)

For some people hacking means writing computer code, for others it means soldering up some electronics. Others may be working more with cardboard and gaffa tape. What materials you work with and your abilities are less important than the sort of mentality you have. We’re looking for people who want to play with stuff and learn new skills in a social, collaborative environment. Artists, programmers, musicians, dog beauticians… anyone.

fizzPOP provides weekly public meet-ups on Wednesday evenings for like-minded people to get together and work on whatever projects take their fancy (AKA "Wednesday night Open Evening!") Or indeed to look from the sidelines and see if you are interested - Get a free tour! If you don’t have a particular project in mind, don’t worry! Just come along and say “hi” – we’re confident you’ll have something new to think about by the end of the session!

[We moved into our own space at 28 Floodgate Street in July 2013 and refurbished it, simultaneously acquiring various pieces of equipment for members' use. We then moved directly over the road, to 70 Floodgate Street, because it was warmer! And we are still there, and now in our 3rd year, on the first floor.] We have moved again! Bigger and better! We are now at 35 Coventry Street, still in Digbeth, B5 5NH, a few minutes walk from the old location.

There is a monthly charge of £25 for paid-up members (with concessions for students etc.) Members enjoy 7-day, effectively 24 hour access to the space via swipe card & code, you get a locker, and some of our meetings are held on member-only nights. BE AWARE: We are inside the Birmingham Clean Air Zone. Older vehicles will get charged £8 for entering, per 24 hours. We have a few car parking spaces, and there is more around the place.

We also run workshops (we’ll provide the kit and instruction), events (extra eye-candy!) and themed hacksessions (a bunch of people gathering around a common area of exploration).

First Wednesday of each month is the long running Lockpicking & Security Night - certainly the UK's longest running "Learn about locks" session! Last Wednesday is "Coding night" - There will be people on code academy, people following YouTube tutorials and some using books. Come along and learn a new language! Get & give help, and get inspired!