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Fill in the Blank
Status active
Country Hong Kong

State or District

Hong Kong

City Hong Kong

Date of founding


Last Updated 2012-08-08


+852 2891-7792





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231-233 Queens Road East
 Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Number of members


Membership fee

HKD50 for the first hour & HKD30 Hour for every additional hour. First hour you receive 2 coupons which allow you redeem snacks and drinks.

Half Day: HKD200 with 5 coupons (coupons allow you to redeem snacks and drinks) Full Day: HKD360 with 5 coupons (coupons allow you to redeem snacks and drinks)

Size of rooms



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Fill In The Blank (FTB) is a creative and social workspace, set in design-conscious surroundings high above the busy streets of Wan Chai. Providing a home away from home feel. FTB offers its patrons full reign of the 1,000 sq ft open layout, which is comprised of a well-stocked work area and a relaxing lounge area, plus redeemable perks like coffee and comfort snacks.

FTB will facilitate your every need, whether you are in search of a productive working environment or a homely touch such as: comfort snacks that fuel you through your work, the extensive movie and TV selection to provide the necessary distractions when needed, and the latest and greatest reading materials fill the bookshelves for design junkies, car lovers, techies and foodies. Plus, the space is geared to the nines with free WiFi, ample sockets, wireless printing and scanning, phone and computer chargers, and dry erase walls and tables.

In this fast-paced, high-octane city, FTB brings something new to the table. It's the place that fills the gap between staying in and going all out. It's a light-filled, fresh workspace by day; an intimate, low-lit hangout by night. Whatever it is your life is missing, FTB will help you, literally, fill in the blank.

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