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FAU FabLab
FAU FabLab logo.png
Status active
Country Germany
State or District Bavaria
City Erlangen
Date of founding 2011/07/25
Last Updated 2023-05-01
Website http://fablab.fau.de
Snail mail

Room U1.239, Erwin-Rommel-Str. 60, 91058 Erlangen
91058 Erlangen

Number of members 20+many more (we do not have a member definition)"+manymore(wedonothaveamemberdefinition)" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 20.
Membership fee Free
Size of rooms 60 m²
Location 49° 34' 26.81" N, 11° 1' 48.35" E

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The FAU FabLab is germany's first student-run FabLab and is located at the Technical Faculty of the University of Erlangen. While receiving funding through the universities tuition fees, we try to be open to any interested hackers (or people in general), not just students.

The equipment as of mid 2013 includes a CNC-Lathe, CNC-Mill, 3D-Printers, Lasercutter, electronics tools (including soldering, etching and measuring), cutting plotter and many more.

Feel free to peek in at our opening hours, see website for an up-to-date schedule. We also offer workshops and are always looking for new people to help us improve our FabLab.