FABlab Namibia

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FABlab Namibia
Status closed
Country Namibia
City Windhoek
Date of founding 2013/03/01
Last Updated 2020-05-08
Website http://fablabnamibia.blogspot.com/
Facebook fablabnamibia
E-mail fablabmanager@gmail.com
Snail mail

Haydn Street Windhoek West, Windhoek, Namibia

Location 22° 33' 56.65" S, 17° 4' 32.27" E

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The first advanced prototyping lab in Namibia. The hub is based in a Lego block inspired container building and hosted by the Polytechnic of Namibia at its Innovation Village. The hub offers everything from graphic design to electronics workbench and 3D printing and scanning. Set to launch in February 2014 - boosting Namibian tech culture.