Exceptionally Hard & Soft Meeting

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Exceptionally Hard & Soft Meeting
Exceptionally Hard & Soft Meeting
Subevent of Exceptionally Hard & Soft Meeting
Type of Conference
Start 28-12-2012 09:00 (iCal)
End 30-12-2012 18:00
Homepage: EHSM
Venue: TU Berlin, Hörsaalgebäude Elektrotechnik Lecture room HE101, Straße des 17. Juni 136
City: Berlin
State: Germany
Country: Germany
Min Cost: 65 EUR79.268 USD <br />56.28 GBP <br />0.00206 BTC <br />5,784.207 INR <br />
Max Cost: 1337 EUR1,630.488 USD <br />1,157.646 GBP <br />0.0424 BTC <br />118,976.695 INR <br />

Some electronics books from the 50s claimed making triode tubes would be an impossible endeavour for amateurs. Today, there are at least two DIY laboratories making not only triodes but also all sorts of vacuum electron devices.

Three years after the first GPS satellite was launched, few people used the technology, which was perceived as very complicated and expensive. Yet, someone successfully operated his homebrew receiver made from hundreds of that time's electronic parts.

These days, microchips are often thought to be impenetrable and impossible to manufacture without large-scale facilities. But many individuals are reverse engineering microelectronics designs, often breaking security systems based on the obscurity of the silicon layout. Some are even devising DIY methods to replicate parts of the microchip manufacturing process, with impressive results.

What are the frontiers of DIY technology? The first Exceptionally Hard & Soft Meeting (EHSM) will feature presentations of the brightest DIY achievements. But we do not want to stop at DIY. In fact, we should not, because teamwork is the only way to get the big things done.

The open source ethos is about keeping the freedom and openness of DIY when many people are involved. At a time when thousands of developers from hundreds of companies contribute to Linux and the world's largest physics laboratories share openly licensed hardware designs on OHWR, we will explore the cutting-edge open source hardware and software practices.

This premiere of the EHSM will be held in Berlin on December 28-30 2012. Everyone is welcome to attend it. Curiosity is enough to qualify, and we have kept the minimal entrance fee affordable.

Startups welcome at EHSM!