Eth0:2014 summer

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Eth0:2014 summer
eth0:2014 summer
Type of Conference
Start 2014-08-06 (iCal)
End 2014-08-10
Homepage: eth0
Venue: Groene ster
City: Leeuwarden
Country: Netherlands
Min Cost: 25 Euro30.488 USD <br />21.646 GBP <br />7.926829e-4 BTC <br />2,224.695 INR <br />
Important dates
Papers due: 2014-08-09
Event in series Eth0

Once again, eth0 will organise a small camp for our dutch community and foreign friends. This years camp will be limited to around 60 tickets. Interesting talks, workshops and cozy nights with likeminded folk are guaranteed. Various Dutch hackerspaces will attend and bring their own stories, installations and projects for you to look at and play with.