Eth0:2012 summer

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Eth0:2012 summer
eth0:2012 summer
Type of Conference
Start 2012-08-14 (iCal)
End 2012-08-18
Homepage: Homepage
Venue: Het boshuis
City: Wieringerwerf
Country: Netherlands
Min Cost: 125 EUR152.439 USD <br />108.232 GBP <br />0.00396 BTC <br />11,123.476 INR <br />
Max Cost: 145 EUR176.829 USD <br />125.549 GBP <br />0.0046 BTC <br />12,903.232 INR <br />
Important dates
Workshops due: 2012-08-18
Tutorial due: 2012-08-18
Papers due: 2012-07-30
Event in series Eth0

Eth0 is back again, as we did in 2010, at har2009, and at ccc 2011, we will be hosting a 5 day event filled with talks, workshops and awesome hackerspaces projects and a great atmosphere.

Sun, friends and hackers, what more could you need?

Eth0:2012 Summer is an outdoor high-tech geek conference planned for this summer. It aims toward providing innovating knowledge on tech/IT related fields including security, networks, programming, privacy, new (open) technologies, ethics and hacking

Lectures, workshops and lightning talks on the topics of:[edit]

  1. Privacy
  2. Security
  3. Ethical hacking
  4. Hackerspaces
  5. Open Source
  6. Open Technologies
  7. Politics regarding Piracy, Copyright and Intellectual Property
  8. Bio-Hacking