Enactus Esith Labs

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Enactus Esith Labs
Status active
Country Morocco
City Casablanca
Date of founding 2013/05/26
Last Updated 2013-05-26
E-mail said.farzouz@gmail.com
Snail mail


Number of members 30
Membership fee free
Size of rooms 100m²

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Enactus Esith Labs Hackerspace is part of the international Hackerspace movement. At Enactus Esith Labs Hackerspace, we support each other's dreams and ideas. We work together to make, what might seem hard or too much work at first, possible. Everyone have those things that they love and really want to do, but not always find the people to share their interests with, and sometimes they stop doing the things they love. That's what Enactus Esith Labs Hackerspace is for, people come to Enactus Esith Labs Hackerspace to meet members eager to do and learn the things they're interested in. Enactus Esith Labs Hackerspace members are from all ages and educational backgrounds. Enactus Esith Labs Hackerspace provides hacking tools such as 3d printer, Arduino, electronics, and other awesome things. Also more things are constantly being added for people to use and make awesome stuff. Enactus Esith Labs Hackerspace is for everyone and everyone is invited to all of our events and meetings. Anyone can become a member of Enactus Esith Labs Hackerspace and start making their own workshops, use our tools or do whatever they want to do. The sky is the limit, or is it? If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message or post on our Facebook Timeline.