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When your hackerspace collects parts, you need to organize them somehow in order to find them again.

Structured Ordering[edit]

This seems to be the most popular ordering method and it's easy for beginners.

Group your parts in boxes or drawers (like http://www.treston.com/index.php?article_id=1826&__from_id__=3072&product_group=5110), ordered by type/value.


  • Very quick retrieval
  • It's obvious what's inside the box/drawer


  • If you get a new type/value, you need to re-order. E.g. if you have one row of drawers containing resistors 10Ω, 27Ω, 33Ω, 47Ω and you need to insert 22Ω resistors, you need to shift your whole drawers by one.

Chaotic Ordering[edit]

Example of chaotic ordering. Each box contains random parts

This is a bit more advanced and usually requires computer aid. You simply put parts where you have space, and retrieve parts by looking them up in the database. Drawers are numbered with a system (e.g. first drawer is A0001, second drawer is A0002).

You can use a software like PartKeepr to manage the inventory.


  • Best way to store components without wasting too much space
  • No need to re-order drawers (unless one drawer is full and you need to put the parts into a new, bigger drawer)


  • More time needed for retrieval, because parts need to be looked up
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