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Electron Club
Status active
Country United Kingdom

State or District


City Glasgow

Date of founding


Last Updated 2017-01-27
Website http://www.electronclub.org/
Snail mail

United Kingdom

Number of members

approx 270

Membership fee


Location 55° 51' 55", -4° 15' 51"

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Electron Club[edit]

The Electron Club is a voluntary run space where people interested in things like Free Open Source Software, DIY culture, circuit bending, hardware hacking, streaming, audio and video editing, green technologies, and amateur radio can meet, use equipment, and share and disseminate their skills and ideas.

We encourage an attitude towards technology, media and DIY production that recognises the relation of these to society and the environment. The Electron Club welcomes debate and the development of practices that question and explore existing and new ways of working and understanding these.

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