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Ekoparty hackerspace
Status building
Country Argentina

State or District

Buenos Aires

City Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires

Date of founding


Last Updated 2015-08-28





Snail mail

Bolivar 238 1° C
1066 Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires

Location -34° 36' 38", -58° 22' 24"
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ekoparty hackerspace is inspired by similar clubs such as Metalab in Vienna, CBase in Berlin, Noisebridge in San Francisco, and the philosophy of Hackerspace laboratories around the world. In a society that devours information without processing it, without pondering it, big projects are born and die without ever seeing the light of day. Hence, to help these projects get off the ground and feel the pleasure of a task well done there are two keys; sharing ideas and following through. We provide the infrastructure and the possibility to share your interests with other enthusiasts. We intend to cover a broad range of subjects from programming, hardware design, physics, chemistry, pneumatics, mathematics, photography, security, robotics and art in general. We believe in core values such as respect, fraternity, brainstorming and responsibility, and we wish that everyone involved from will share those values.

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